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Export file search result

#1 Post by lupacexi » 04.09.2017, 04:17

I've just installed the Free Commander XE and did a file search in a drive. By searching the Search issues in this forum I was able to export the search result to a text file. However, the result shows the path of the file first and the file name and file type last. This is different from the old version where the file name first which makes it easier to import to Excel and make a list or a database with file name and file path in separate columns.

Could I make the search in a way which could list the file name first? I use Windows 8.1.

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Re: Export file search result

#2 Post by Timon » 04.09.2017, 05:56

If you import data to Excel, just change the order of columns as you want in spreadsheet.

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