Can you separate Copy and Move operations from Explorer

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Can you separate Copy and Move operations from Explorer

#1 Post by ezenkiel » 09.01.2008, 15:28

Firstly, I must say that FreeCommander is fantastic software : Fast, reliable, and very configurable ! Very very well done :) I used to Total Commander, and trying to find freeware substitution, and FreeCommander is definitely it !

I have some suggestions :

1. Can you make some way of copying and moving files, which is not using Explorer shell? Explorer is very buggy, and it often happens that copying and moving of big files "freeze" or I get error message, or something like that ...
Actually, I don't know if I explained well - I am not software developer, just user :( But, for example, Total Commander have it's own copy/move window, with progress bar and buttons, and if I "kill" explorer.exe process, copying in TC still works ... I would like something like that in FreeCommander also :)

2. Can you also integrate ("write down" :) ) some multiple-file renaming tool ?

3. Can you add possibility of shortcut configuration for "quick search ?"

With (1), you will buy me forever :)
(2) and (3) are not of a big importance for me, but, I think it is good to have :)

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#2 Post by enkryptor » 09.01.2008, 16:50

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#3 Post by Dreamer » 10.01.2008, 20:38

2. Already requested, use the Search and support that topic.

3. Start the new topic - and explain it more please.

Closed. Read the forum rules if you don't know why.

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