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Folder panel keeps scrolling

Posted: 29.07.2019, 00:22
by BGM
Whenever I move a file from one place to another or change the sorting, the position of the scroller keeps returning to the top of the list.
It's driving me crazy. Every time I do anything I have to constantly scroll to the end again.

FC is set to add new files to the end of the list.
But if I move any file from the list to the other panel, the scroll position resets.

I never want the scroll position to move from where I have left it.

What can I do? Or is it a bug? I updated just yesterday or the day before; I don't remember having this problem on the previous version I was on. (not sure what version - I was several releases behind).

Re: Folder panel keeps scrolling

Posted: 29.07.2019, 07:06
by Karol
I think, more info would help:
- how do you start the move operation (drag&drop, F6, Ctrl+X - Ctrl+V)
- your view type "List" or "Details"
- maybe some screenshot

Re: Folder panel keeps scrolling

Posted: 01.08.2019, 15:26
by BGM
So, I use the copy button in the center splitter to move the files via FreeCommander mode.
View mode is in "list".
The folder pane where I am copying from has a LOT of files, so when it moves the selection position back to the start, I have to scroll for some ways.

Solved: Folder panel keeps scrolling

Posted: 06.09.2019, 18:40
by BGM
Thanks, Marek. That last update fixed the issue.