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Graphical glitch in 2008.06

Posted: 20.06.2008, 22:37
by Ivan1981
I'm using the latest version of FreeCommander in Windows XP with SP3.I'm using Royale noir theme for windows xp, and I've graphics glitch with FC.

If I'm positioned on the right panel before I close freecomander then after next start of FC on my right panel I've this kind of glitch.


If I minimize, and maximize FC glitch dissapears.And If I'm positioned on the left panel before closing FC, next time when I start FC I don't have this kind of glitch.

This kind of problem I've also in windows xp64 sp2 with Royale noir theme and in vista sp1 with standard theme in aero.In vista I have also additional problem with grid dissapearing also.

Maybe this problem is caused by fact that I'm not using standard font size in advanced appearance in themes, but it is strange when I minimize and maximize FC problem dissapears.
I don't have this kind of problems with 2007.10a version.

Posted: 21.06.2008, 01:13
by Dreamer
It's a known bug, reported in the beta bug reports forum.

It's even worse here:

Active pane: Image
Inactive pane: Image

Top reproduce, just use long path and reduce the left pane width (move the splitter).

Edit: I'm not sure it's the same now, but perhaps related.

Buttons remain selected

Posted: 22.06.2008, 13:37
by smuta2006
Three buttons "Copy full path as text", "Root" and "Go up" (from the right of the Folder Path toolbar) remain "selected" if you point a mouse cursor on them and then take mouse away (see image). The only way to restore "unselected" appearance of these buttons is to minimize and then restore the FreeCommander window. I use Windows Vista.
Maybe it is a part of the same problem.

Posted: 22.06.2008, 16:52
by Dreamer
OK, then it's a different problem, also reported somewhere, I think - I have this problem with the "Swap panels" button - when using single click option, then just point to this button - result (incl. the three address bar buttons):


Posted: 29.06.2008, 23:43
by Marek
Fixed in the beta 355.

Posted: 30.06.2008, 23:24
by Dreamer
Thanks, Marek!


Posted: 05.08.2008, 22:23
by Ivan1981
Glitch is still present in latest version 2008.06a.
If I choose to show "swap panel button visible" with no buttons on splitter(swap button is on the right panel like in the picture from first post) then bug is appearing.Without swap panel button or with swap panel button with additional buttons on splitter(swap button is now in the splitter) graphic glitch is not there/present.

Now with swap panel button visible in new version bug is always present either I close FC with left or right panel active(in previous version bug is showing when I close FC when right panel is active).

I created new ini file and set my settings from beggining in hope that bug maybe dissapear but it doesn't.

OS is windows xp with SP3 and latest patches and Royale noir theme.