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Bug:Function Key Bar Language Issue

Posted: 18.06.2008, 19:00
by phedlund
Great program, however when i was using it I turned on the Function key Bar and noticed that even though I was set to English, F5 said Kopieren and F6 said Verschieben.

I didn't see these strings when i searched the English.lng file to change them.

Thanks for all the effort

Posted: 18.06.2008, 22:16
by Dreamer

Posted: 21.06.2008, 23:34
by Marek
The text is changed only if you change default options for Settings->Confirmations.
Fixed in the beta 352.

Posted: 22.06.2008, 16:27
by Dreamer



Posted: 13.12.2008, 15:31
by fghi235
Great service, got my gold very quickly and very happy with customer services! :D