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R343: ftp will loop endlessly when using ".." as t

Posted: 30.05.2008, 20:05
by Mr-Fly

If i use ".." as the remote directory, FC will loop and hang.
It will have access violations later on.

This ".." could be used to get one directory UP from the home position where I end up.
I have not tested "../otheruser" but I can think, that this might also crash.


Posted: 04.06.2008, 21:21
by Marek
Thorsten, could you please make step by step description for reproducing your problem. Maybe you can use one public server (e.g. McAffe server ) in your description.

Posted: 05.06.2008, 21:00
by Mr-Fly
It does the same with the mcafee site.
It will loop in CDUP's.
It will never stop to try to go one directory up.
although it might not make sense on anonymous sites to use ".." as it makes sense on personal accounts which will get you to your home first (like /home/username) and you want e.g. to get to "../otherusername"


Posted: 07.06.2008, 23:36
by Mr-Fly
Tested with 346 --> Fixed.

Thank you!

Posted: 09.06.2008, 00:28
by Dreamer