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R343: ftp will not change directory when using /

Posted: 30.05.2008, 20:04
by Mr-Fly

FTP seems not to change the directory when the setting is "/".
But in my case I will end up in "/home/root" and will not even have a ".." to get to the "real" stuff.
So I am stuck in the home of the user.
/ should try to bring me to the root.


Posted: 04.06.2008, 21:21
by Marek
Thorsten, could you please make step by step description for reproducing your problem. Maybe you can use one public server (e.g. McAffe server ) in your description.

Posted: 05.06.2008, 21:03
by Mr-Fly
Hi Marek,

You might only be able to reproduce this error, when you have a personal account on a server, which brings you to your dedicated home directory.
I have this problem on my dreambox ftp.
It is a unix vsftp.


Posted: 07.06.2008, 23:35
by Mr-Fly
Tested with 346 --> Fixed.

Thank you!

Posted: 09.06.2008, 00:28
by Dreamer