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Multi rename - new layout

Posted: 19.05.2008, 23:16
by Dreamer
I think the most used options in multi rename are in "Pattern" and "Search and replace". "Counter" values are usually always the same, so these numbers should be saved on exit. "Close dialog after rename" is also not so important - it's not changed so often.

Therefore I suggest to change the multi rename layout:

First column:

Search and replace

Second column:

Timestamp format

Third column - options:

Viewer *
With subdirectories
Only files
Close dialog after rename

* - Please add also this option that was removed in prev. version, it was very useful option - shov the small viewer within the multirename dialog.

Also remember all options on exit - especially Case, Counter, Viewer (on/off).

I have suggested all these changes because I'm using the keyboard only if possible, with the new layout it would be much easier and faster to rename the files from several folders just using these keys: F2, Tab, arrows, Enter.


Posted: 22.05.2008, 23:55
by Dreamer