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Toolbar button & keyboard shortcut for next view

Posted: 15.10.2007, 00:56
by Dreamer
Single toolbar button and (customizable) keyboard shortcut for "next view" / toggle between all views (list/details/thumbnails...) - button similar to new Desktop button: [ (A) [v] ] - A=main button to switch between all views, "v"=drop-down menu with the list of all views.

There is such a button in XnView for example.


Posted: 19.10.2007, 23:54
by Dreamer
Toolbar button has been added in the latest beta, thanks Marek. However, could you add also the keyboard shortcut please? To switch between all views / switch to next view.

Posted: 27.10.2007, 02:03
by Dreamer
Added in the beta version.