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R339 Doubleclick opens sometimes the parent folder

Posted: 11.05.2008, 20:47
by Mago
STEP 1: Open a folder
Result: Parent folder ".." is selected

STEP 2: Doubleclick on a file inside the folder
Result: FreeCommander opens the parent folder instead of the file.

This doesn't happen all the time, but it happens more often on network shares and if FreeCommander is running for a longer time. I have seen it still in R339 a few times. Have other people seen this behaviour?

Posted: 12.05.2008, 08:36
by ralfso
A doubleclick on the free space of the file-window normally opens the parent folder.

Is it possible that you doubleclick beside the filename on the free space?

Posted: 12.05.2008, 09:07
by Mago
Thanks ralfso, this could indeed be the case.

I thought that only clicking on ".." would open the parent folder. So when I click much lower (for instance just a few pixels below the latest entry) it is still possible to open the parent folder. Can this behaviour be disabled?

I made some changes in the layout (column size, font size) and will doubleclick a bit slower when I use network under heavy load.

Posted: 13.05.2008, 00:55
by Dreamer
This is another "go up" feature problem, so I have created the new topic, you can support it if you want...

Posted: 05.06.2008, 01:37
by Mago
This issue is resolved and can be closed.

Posted: 05.06.2008, 22:19
by Dreamer