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FCXE64 751 vs 749: Sub-Window For FTP Is Now Clipped

Posted: 04.08.2017, 01:21
by thisguycecil

This bug report is similar to the one I posted recently regarding v750: "FCXE64 750 vs 749: Sub-Window For Configure Viewer Is Now Clipped."

My apologies for treating this as a new topic, but the problem applies to a different version of FCXE64.

FCXE64 v751 has fixed the original problem, caused by v750, regarding the sub-window for "Configure Viewer.'

However, v751 seems to have reversed the original bug I cited for v750. Namely, in Tools | Settings | FTP | <Define_button> | FTP Connection. This sub-window is now clipped when Windows 10 DPI is greater than 100%. I also experienced the same problem when testing in a Win7 x64 environment with DPI greater than 100%.

It seems like the original creation of the FTP sub-window and the Viewer sub-window were, respectively, developed with different Windows attributes/properties. The former is supposed to be sizable (but in fact, has never worked) and the latter has never been sizable at all. So the v751 fix for the Viewer sub-window now toggles a similar problem for the FTP sub-window, namely, a clipped window.

As an aside, from an object-oriented design perspective, my limited understanding is that inheritance should take care of the essential properties of all sub-windows in the same app if those sub-windows all derived from the same object class. So perhaps the v750/v751 (or earlier) builds of FCXE64 broke/morphed that default inheritance of those properties and methods somehow?

I hope I have provided enough (confusing !) information for someone else to re-create this v751 issue. Thanks.

Re: FCXE64 751 vs 749: Sub-Window For FTP Is Now Clipped

Posted: 09.08.2017, 06:55
by thisguycecil
Thank you, Marek. Version 753 has fixed this problem.

I am sympathetic to what you might be experiencing while moving to a new development tool. Been there, done that, heaved a lot of big sighs. :-)

Keep up the excellent work you do to make FCXE64 an integral part of my own business life. Thanks again.