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R334: EXIF date ":" char. issue

Posted: 24.04.2008, 01:42
by Dreamer
When using EXIF date [exif_taken] in Multi rename, following format is used:

10.04.2008 19:36:38

":" character cannot be used for file names, so error dialo is shown.

Perhaps the format from "Timestamp format" option should be used also for EXIF date, if possible, or it should be fully customizable. I'd like to use this format (to sort files by date):

2008-04-10 19-36-38 (YYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss)


Edit: The same issue with other date options ([dc], [dm], [d]).

Posted: 27.04.2008, 22:33
by Marek

Posted: 28.04.2008, 00:13
by Dreamer
Perfect! Thanks.