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R333: Enter folder issue

Posted: 20.04.2008, 21:23
by Dreamer
- create 3 folders, A, B, C
- select A and B folders (with Space or Insert key)
- press ctrl+x to cut the folders
- go to folder C
- press Enter to enter the folder C
= folder C is not opened, folders A and B are opened as the new explorer windows instead

Explorer has crashed when I tried this with many folders with video files inside.

Probably it's a new feature, useful for files, but not for the folders.

...So even if two or more FILES are selected, I can't copy/move those files to any subfolder, when I try to enter the subfolder, the files are opened instead. It should be always possible to enter the folder with Enter, even if any files/folders are selected.

FC R333, Window XP SP2.

Posted: 20.04.2008, 22:38
by Mr-Fly
Maybe FC should only execute, when I have one of the selected files focused ?

Kind Regards

Posted: 24.04.2008, 01:52
by Dreamer
Fixed in R344, thanks, Marek.