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R332: Rename folder doesn't work

Posted: 19.04.2008, 16:42
by Dreamer
- select any folder
- press F2 to rename (or use context menu > rename)
= it doesn't work

FC R332, Win XP SP2.

Posted: 19.04.2008, 16:54
by Marek
It seems to work for me, please check again.

Posted: 19.04.2008, 18:12
by Dreamer
Hmm.. strange, it works now, I'll be testing more... :?

Posted: 20.04.2008, 20:02
by Mr-Fly
I had the same today with a file.
I copied a file to itself by just pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V which results in a backup copy with the name "filename - Copy.ext" in Vista.
I could not rename the destination file anymore. F2 was not reacting.
Also rename in the menu did not work.
Weird, as all the other files around that file could be renamed.


Posted: 20.04.2008, 21:32
by Dreamer
OK, the same problem, exact steps to reproduce:

- select file A
- press ctrl+x or ctrl+c
- go to another folder
- press ctrl+v
- try to rename file A
= it doesn't work (only this file - A)

I can always reproduce it with these steps.

Thorsten - thanks for the help. :wink:

FC R333, Win XP SP2.

Posted: 24.04.2008, 01:49
by Dreamer


Posted: 25.04.2008, 11:25
by Mr-Fly

Please reopen this, as I have the problem again in 334
If I copy Paste a file to get a "copy of " i cannot rename the file until I leave and reenter the folder.


Posted: 26.04.2008, 00:07
by Dreamer
I can't reproduce it, you mean - select a file, press ctrl+c, ctrl+v, then try to rename the old or new file? If so, then I can rename both. :?

Anyway, re-opened.

Posted: 26.04.2008, 09:23
by Mr-Fly

tested it again.
Could now not reproduce with CTRL+C and CTRL+V, however I had it.
But I could reproduce it with:
Select a file.
Press ALT+F5 to compress.
Select to compress to the same folder.

Try to rename the ZIP


Posted: 27.04.2008, 22:32
by Marek
Should be fixed now.

Posted: 27.04.2008, 22:34
by Mr-Fly
First tests look ok.

Will try some more over the next days.


Posted: 28.04.2008, 00:16
by Dreamer
OK, closed.