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R332: [..] item issue

Posted: 19.04.2008, 16:08
by Dreamer
- enter any folder
- go to [..] item
- press Enter to go up
= it doesn't work

Go up button and backspace key work good.

FC R332, Win XP SP2.

Posted: 19.04.2008, 16:53
by Marek
Thanks, uploaded FC R333.

Posted: 19.04.2008, 18:24
by Dreamer
Thank YOU, for the quick fix.


Posted: 24.04.2008, 01:28
by Dreamer
This bug is back in R334.

To reproduce try to copy/download any large file from FTP - do not download the whole file, cancel the operation after few seconds, then go to [..] item and press Enter. Try again if you can't reproduce it.


Posted: 27.04.2008, 22:34
by Marek
It was a FTP bug, I hope it works now OK.

Posted: 28.04.2008, 00:24
by Dreamer
Fixed, thanks.