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R322 - FTP - copy doesn't work

Posted: 01.03.2008, 21:47
by Dreamer
I can see the files, but when I want to copy any file, this error dialog is shown:

"List index out of bounds (0)"

Is it a bug, wrong setting, or not implemented yet?

Posted: 01.03.2008, 22:26
by Marek
I think a bug, but for me the copy function (download, upload) works fine. Have you the steps to reproduce the bug?

Posted: 02.03.2008, 00:55
by Dreamer
I'm not an FTP expert, what exactly do you need? I just tried to copy (download) the txt file.

I'm not sure if I'm using the correct options, what about password? I'm using "anonymouse login", but I don't know which password I should use.

Edit: OK, so Open is working (it's missing in the context menu) - using a double-click, the file is downloaded and opened. Copy and View is NOT working. Hope it will help.

Posted: 02.03.2008, 12:37
by Mr-Fly
I just tried copying a file from the ftp to a local path.
I got a "list index out of bounds (0)".

I will check with some other files.

Edit: ok, I cannot copy from nor to the ftp-server.
All will end up with a "list index out of bounds (0)"

Posted: 02.03.2008, 22:53
by Marek
Check the download from the server:
e.g. the file /bussys/readme.txt.
Can you send me your ini file?

Posted: 02.03.2008, 22:56
by Mr-Fly
Getting the same result with the readme.txt.

will send you my freecommander.ini right now.
Hold on :-)


Posted: 02.03.2008, 23:13
by Marek
The bug is only in NC-Mode.

Posted: 02.03.2008, 23:15
by Mr-Fly
ah ok :-)

Good that I tested :-)

I am always using NC-Mode.

Edit: checked it without NC-Mode and it is working with my server.

Posted: 03.03.2008, 23:39
by Dreamer
OK, good that you know where is the problem, Marek.

Posted: 06.03.2008, 03:55
by H.Seldon
To copy files when in NC mode, you must mark the file(s) first, i.e. use space bar, CTRL+Click, middle mouse button, etc.

Then choose copy and the files will be copied.

Posted: 07.03.2008, 23:40
by Marek
Fixed in the current beta.

Posted: 08.03.2008, 22:41
by Dreamer
Thanks Marek.