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Cannot Open "Folders" which are really mounted vol

Posted: 24.02.2008, 12:02
by dh
I cannot open folders which represent a mounted volume (using the MS built in volume management (Datentr├Ągerverwaltung), assigning an NTFS-folder instead of a drive letter).

Posted: 24.02.2008, 21:56
by Marek
There was such problem in 2007.10. Have you the current version 2007.10a? Your Windows version?

Posted: 24.02.2008, 23:00
by dh
Sorry, I thought I had the current version.

But you are right, I had the Portable Version 2007.10 installed. Again, sorry, it's working now!

Thanks for the really fast reply!

Posted: 26.02.2008, 23:50
by Dreamer