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Display 'My Computer' level

Posted: 09.02.2008, 17:33
by Stuee
When clicking the 'Go Up' button, it will only go as far as the root of the selected drive.
I find it useful to be able to go one level further and view all drives with their properties (like in Explorer - the 'My Computer' level).
I could not find a way to make FC do this.

Ideally just one more click on the Go Up button would display all drives so I can quickly see how much space I have on them, etc.

Forgive me if this feature is already present - but if it is, it's not easily accessible and not very intuitive.

Many thanks, Stuee

Posted: 09.02.2008, 23:16
by Dreamer
Already requested, please read the forum rules before posting.

Add your support here:


Posted: 10.02.2008, 12:15
by Stuee
Hi Dreamer,
I did read the rules, and I did search for a similar suggestion before submitting mine, but you can't always anticipate the wording another user will use to describe the feature they are requesting.
Anyway thank you for the link, I've supported your suggestion.

Regards, Stuee