More Requests

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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More Requests

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Note: Topic has been closed. Please respect the forum rules, appropriate name and one request per topic. Thanks. -Dreamer

- an internal text editor that can be opened in a FC that there's no need to
open would be greater if it supports syntax highlighting for programming langs
- option to set a uniform size for tabs..
- change the color(w/o using the NC mode) and appearance(border, transparency,etc..)
of the highlight selection tool (the one being used in going up and down in a list)..
- option to remove the 'system folder' that appears in 'My Computer' with the drives..
(Above Local Disk C, Local Disk D, etc...)
- column in 'My Computer' that shows the occupied space progress the one in
the default page of Windows Explorer..

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Re: More Requests

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Please start a new topic for each request.


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