FreeCommander 2007.10a

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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FreeCommander 2007.10a

#1 Post by Dreamer » 10.12.2007, 18:11

FreeCommander 2007.10a has been released!

* Bug fixed: some folders or drives can not be opened
* Bug fixed: adding separators to categories list
* Bug fixed: folder synchronize function break with the message '00:00:02: is not a valid time'
* Bug fixed: thumbnail of Open Office files crash the program
* Bug fixed: wrong display of zip content for some zip files
* Bug fixed: synchronize folders - compare files process very slow
* Bug fixed: context menu in address bar not available, wenn path in the address bar is longer than the address bar width
* Bug fixed: wrong folder size display if sorting by size
* Bug fixed: change of the font visible only after program restart
* Bug fixed: viewer plugin dialog doesn't let you specify %FcSrcDrive% as the drive
* Bug fixed: Favorite Tool - %FcSrcDrive% parameter does not work for "Start folder"

* In file search dialog: display file icons
* New setting options (now only in freecomander.ini, later in program)
o SplitterSmallWidth= allowed Values 3-12; default is 6
o SplitterSmallHideSwapButton= allowed 0 or 1; default is 0
o AddrBarButtonWidth= allowed Values 12-25; default is 17
o GoUpStripWidth= allowed Values 0-10; default is 0
o ShellOperationInclConnectedElements= allowed values 0 or 1; default is 1: copy/move/delete operation on folder and connected html file

* New items added to address bar context menu
o Edit
o Paste from clipboard

The latest version is available on the FreeCommander Downloads page.

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