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crash on pasting folder path to folder address bar

Posted: 10.12.2007, 14:05
by aufly

I just started using FreeCommander and found a bug. When I "right-click on address bar"->"Edit address bar" and paste a folder path into it the program crashes. I've verified that it is a string I'm pasting

System Specs:
Vista Ultimate x64
FreeCommander 2007.10a

Posted: 10.12.2007, 18:05
by Dreamer
Can't confirm on Win XP SP2. You can try also "Past from clipboard" option.

Posted: 10.12.2007, 20:31
by Marek
Can't confirm on Vista Business.
Have you the problem with all paths?
Can you type the path in the address bar?

Sorry about that

Posted: 11.12.2007, 17:54
by aufly
After reboot, all seams to work in order. Sorry for troubling you.

Great file manager!

Posted: 11.12.2007, 22:46
by Dreamer
OK, closed.