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Cannot access a folder it there is a drive mapped to it

Posted: 06.12.2007, 15:42
by abalint21
Hello. I've noticed a bug, that if I do not opt to mount a partition as a drive, I'm mounting it as a folder FreeCommander 2007.10 cannot access that folder any more. If I attach a drive letter to it than everything is OK.

Posted: 06.12.2007, 15:43
by abalint21
I'll add some the pictures right away, just the forum said that I had to post two messages before I get the opportunity to post links

Computer Management

Posted: 06.12.2007, 23:32
by Marek
Please check first the current version 2007.10a.

Posted: 07.12.2007, 09:00
by abalint21
I'll take it all back. :)
It's working now with 10a. Thank you!
Great program. I'm using it from 2 years now. ;)

Posted: 07.12.2007, 22:15
by Dreamer
Thanks for the info.