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My Computer view

Posted: 19.11.2007, 13:44
by Ashareth
It's a simple thing that i miss on freecommander, the possibility to see "My Computer" like in Windows explorer, with all disks visible at once and their occupied/free space and size.

It would be good to be able to see and select it like it's done for "My Network Places".

Posted: 20.11.2007, 00:21
by Dreamer
Do you mean to display all drives (C: , D: , E: ...) in the list? If so, add your support here please:

Posted: 27.11.2007, 17:36
by Ashareth
What i mean is to have the possibility to have this type of view somehow :


Posted: 27.11.2007, 23:18
by Dreamer
OK, thanks for explanation, it's a duplicate, closed.