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Multirename tool

Posted: 06.11.2007, 13:12
by elvad
This feature would be very usefull in so multifunction file manager

I agree

Posted: 07.11.2007, 12:02
by gmacri
:? Yes the batch renemae would be a very useful update, for example xyplorer has this possibility and I think FreeCommander also would have it.

Posted: 08.11.2007, 00:13
by Dreamer
It's already in the list of known feature requests, but I leave this topic as is, just edit the first post - add more details (from that list).

BTW I think this is one of the most important (if not the most important!) features.

Edit: I see it's more complex, so I'll start the new topic, please add your support and suggestions to that topic. I'll close this topic, since it was in the list of known feature requests - it's a duplicate.

Posted: 08.11.2007, 00:53
by Dreamer
Please add your support and suggestions regarding the batch rename here:

This topic has been closed (duplicate).