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Plug-In support

Posted: 05.11.2007, 17:06
by Electric_Soul
I think I would it be good to have, and would help FC skyrocket


Posted: 05.11.2007, 23:03
by Dreamer
What exactly do you mean? Lister plugins (.wlx) are already supported. Support of WCX-plug-ins has been requested here.

Posted: 06.11.2007, 20:07
by Electric_Soul

I used your search engine and looked for "plug-in" and "plugin" in all availabe forums. No results, that's why I requested it.

Plus I haven't found it when takin a glimpse at FC portable. BUt know I have.....great :)

Sorry for my mistake, but nice goin then :)



Posted: 07.11.2007, 23:36
by Dreamer

no problem, I couldn't find that topic too :wink: , closing this topic.