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Request for Single Pane - Dual Pane Switch

Posted: 03.04.2010, 18:31
by Mitsubishiman
Hello, I am relatively new to the forum, it seems as though most of you are extreme power users, I am anal about my file organization, but basic about my file access, the main reason I am interested in this program is because I absolutely hate the new Windows 7 Libraries – If I wanted my PC to act like a MAC I would have Bought a MAC.

What I Liked most about XP was the My Computer format, I prefer a single pane navigation with side directories, maybe it is just me – but a switch to chose between a single pane – double pane version would be a nice feature for me.

I personally need access 90% of the time and organizational functions 10% of the time.

Re: Request for Single Pane - Dual Pane Switch

Posted: 04.04.2010, 00:58
by Dreamer

this has been requested several times in the forum, please add your support here and check this post.

Duplicate, closed.