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Double-click to "go up" issue

Posted: 01.11.2007, 18:20
by Dreamer
"Open folder with single click" option (if enabled) is blocking this useful option (Double-click to "go up").

Posted: 07.11.2007, 23:39
by Marek
Fixed in the beta 295.

Posted: 08.11.2007, 01:35
by Dreamer
It's working, but when I double click, dir. is changed, but if there is some folder at the same place, dir. is changed to that folder - hope you understand what I mean, it's not easy to explain.

Posted: 13.11.2007, 22:18
by Marek
It should work now :) - Beta 297.

Posted: 13.11.2007, 23:47
by Dreamer
Works perfect, thanks Marek!