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6 things (maybe 2-3 bugs)

Posted: 23.11.2009, 18:11
by Aan
1. I'm using hot tracking with single click interface (files/directories) 1ms and primarily working with right panel, but I have problem that cursor follows mouse to left panel also, so I'm not able to go to Menu bar without changing panel (OK, there is nasty solution going with very long way around without touching left panel) - there should be option in hot tracking to not follow mouse cursor with changing panels without clicking on desired panel (it's same and more efficient in TCMD).

2. "Same folder like in other panel" doesn't work, it works only when coming back from different drive so if I want same directory that is in right panel on disk C: I must press ALT+F1 choose D: and then press ALT+F1 choose C: and just after that it will be same directory and not just after first pressing ALT+F1 and C: (same drive that desired directory in right panel) which should just refresh content of left panel to same directory as in right panel, this is very annoying behaviour

3. Home/End doesn't work in Internal viewer, when I'm on beginning of TXT file and press End nothing happens instead of jumping to end file page, there should be option for changing shortcuts and this should be default btw. because in viewer it's useless (you don't need to use it when moving in one line because you are not in Edit mode) to not use Home/End and use them with CTRL

4. Possibility to Turn off icons of directories and files completely

5. Possibility to Disable Drives bar completely (I know this is somehow possible in Beta)

6. Possibility to Remove Columns names (bar/line) at all

Posted: 23.11.2009, 19:12
by ralfso

- Post different questions, issues, or suggestions in separate threads.

It's much easier to discuss the 6 suggestions in separate threads!

Posted: 23.11.2009, 19:15
by Aan
I don't need to discuss it, I'm requesting it because these things aren't working or possible at all in FC

Posted: 24.11.2009, 00:57
by Dreamer
5. There is a topic for that, search the forum and add your support to that topic.

Post the others in separate threads, please. There is a reason for this rule. All we ask for is respecting the forum rules, nothing else.