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Selecting files in Thumbnail mode

Posted: 16.10.2009, 10:37
by edge77
Hello. There seems to be a bug when selecting files in Thumbnails mode when "Select files in NC-mode" is activated.

In this view it is not possible to select a group of files by holding down the SHIFT-key while left-clicking (instead of expanding the selection by clicking on the last file, the selection becomes only the last file).

If I turn off "Select files in NC-mode", the behavior is still annoying. It is now possible to select multiple files, but rather than selecting all files in a specified interval (given by the first and last file), only the files which fall inside a rectangle given by the upper left corner of the first file and the lower right corner of the last file become selected. This is usually not what I want to do.

Is this possible to fix so that FreeCommander behaves in the same way as Windows Explorer does?

Thank you :)


Posted: 29.12.2009, 03:35
by theantagonizer
I agree this is a bit more difficult.

Posted: 29.12.2009, 10:05
by ralfso
It's a known bug:
It's the third entry in Forum-Search für "select+thumbnail": ... +thumbnail

Posted: 29.12.2009, 23:51
by Dreamer