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Single-pane view

Posted: 28.09.2009, 15:36
by computerfreaker
I really love FreeCommander, but it has a few rough edges IMHO... (maybe just thing I haven't noticed yet? Anyway, "ask and you shall receive" so here goes...)
Call me weird, but I don't really like the double-pane view... could you please make a single-pane view option?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!! :mrgreen:

Posted: 28.09.2009, 19:57
by ralfso
Nice to hear about this feature request again. I think it might have 25th jubilee soon.

Have you used the forum seach as described in forum rules under announcements?

Try single and pane (search for all words).

Posted: 28.09.2009, 22:53
by Dreamer


Posted: 02.10.2009, 01:45
by computerfreaker
Sorry... this is what comes of being in a hurry :roll: :oops:
I searched the forums now, and found this thread: viewtopic.php?t=862&postdays=0&postorde ... ne&start=0
I'm heading over there right now to add some support for this...

EDIT: apparently the forums won't let me post a link until I have 2 posts, so I just posted in that thread, thereby giving myself the right to post this... :P