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A few suggestions

Posted: 14.09.2009, 13:20
by Tibor
Here some features I miss:

- A quick way to go to "Properties" of Cumputer

- The three buttons over panel which are at left of path of the file (buttons: copy path, go root, go up) to be bigger. Maybe even at left of path.

- A button in the tool var to see/hide hiddens files (currently is only done at settings form, but I ask for a quick button way). Or even maybe a predefined filter....

- Automatically search for new versions.

- Possibility to see "My computer" view, as in Windows Explorer, where you see disk and their statistics.

- Put the file operations toolbar (see, edit, copy, move, delete and search) in between 'disk letters' toolsbar

When is it sheduled to release a new version?

Thank a lot for this fantastic software.
Best Wishes

Posted: 14.09.2009, 22:11
by Dreamer
Please read the forum rules before posting.

- Post different questions, issues, or suggestions in separate threads

Some of your suggestions have been already requested.