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Idea for Quick Filter, Advanced

#1 Post by stanley.tweedle » 11.08.2009, 22:40

Since using the Quick Filter countless times, without this idea ever coming to mind, I suppose it's safe to say it might not be that important. I'll throw it out there anyway.

While trying to determine at what time I had installed a certain group of (php ide evaluation version) applications, I took a look into the %PROGRAMFILES% folder using FreeCommander (of course). Considering the tendency for the names to include "PHP", i simply entered "PHP" into the Quick Filter field: the results returned, however, were fewer than i'd expected. A bit puzzled, I decided I wanted to see a similar-set of results, but based on DATE criteria.

In seconds, I realized I wouldn't be able to do that w/ the Quick Filter, and proceeded to accomplish the task using the FreeCommander Search, sorting the extended Search Results in that external window view. My task was accomplished.

To sort by date, as well as leverage the folder-sorting, organizational power inherent to a dual-pane view, and specifically of FreeCommander copy/move-selection action (which i maintain as icons in the dual-pane splitter), it would be advantageous to have some method of assigning, perhaps a sort-by-specified-column-data option.

Again, this I merely wanted to throw on the table, as I thought it odd the notion never occurred to me as a desired operation, previously.

best regards!
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