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Hide "Swap Panels" button

Posted: 27.10.2007, 12:46
by Fad
I`m sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I couldn`t find it.

A cosmetic request to hide the "Swap Panels" button from the right drive bar if the splitter is not being used.

Posted: 27.10.2007, 17:10
by Dreamer
I support this request too, also if the splitter is enabled. It's one of the old / ugly buttons, I see also copy/move splitter buttons are old - Win95-looking buttons. :?

Posted: 31.10.2007, 03:28
by matera
I don't give a toot-berry about the cosmetic considerations, but I would not mind getting the button out of my way :)

Posted: 02.11.2007, 09:55
by sagarat
Just as a small additoin to this post:
I prefer to not use the buttons on the splitter, and like the swap panel button where it is, but I would also like the option to have a "Same Folder" button on both panels.

Posted: 08.11.2007, 18:50
by vladi
I see no use for that button.
I can't understand why we can't remove it if we desire.
Marek, i know you are a kind person :wink:

Posted: 08.11.2007, 19:15
by Marek
In the current beta you can hide the swap button.

Posted: 15.11.2007, 01:17
by Dreamer