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Single Pane Mode

Posted: 23.05.2009, 16:57
by rfessler
I could not do without the dual pane mode which i use the majority of the time (i move|copy many files every day) but since this is an explorer replacement and until the time i need to move or copy files the single pane mode is what i use.

Yes, it is very useful to have the current ability as Shift-Ctrl-F1|F3, which i would not be happy without that feature, but when you resize the applications window the hidden pane reveals itself again and the user is constantly needing to Shift-Ctrl-F* again.

Please consider this addition. I also notice it is a request of many.

I also like to add FreeCommander is awesome and very well designed and developed.

thank you,
Sears IT
Software Engineer

Posted: 23.05.2009, 18:11
by ralfso
What did your forum-search show you for the word "single" or "panel"?

I think this is most discussed topic of the last months. The last entry is only 5 days ago!

You can support the request at:

Posted: 25.05.2009, 01:13
by Dreamer
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Single Pane Mode

Posted: 09.12.2009, 23:09
by GRINteage
I think it would be a good option to have a sticky command mode. Let me explain: I use the word Computer to activate the command mode Trekkie... but if I want to start more than one application at a time I still have to say: