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Posted: 05.04.2009, 07:05
by wsficceed
Is there a way to get rid of the drives bar?
That is the bar below the toolbar and above the tabs bar.

If so... Is there a way to include more than one drive in the folder tree window?

Love the tabs... When a tab is locked but navigation is enabled, is there a way to make simply clicking on the tab go back to the original folder?


I am new to this... needed something better than Windows Explorer, it is beginning to look like an ornament.

Posted: 06.04.2009, 00:55
by Dreamer
Please read the forum rules before posting!

• Make sure to search the forum before posting your question, issue, or suggestion.

• Post different questions, issues, or suggestions in separate threads.

• Use descriptive titles. Nothing like "I need help", or "Tabs" please.


Add your support to existing topics.

Closed (If you have any questions after reading the forum rules, please start the new topic(s)).

Posted: 06.04.2009, 04:36
by wsficceed
Sounds like a personal preference to me. A new user voicing several issues in a single post is more efficient.

Posted: 06.04.2009, 09:27
by ralfso
No, it isn't.
Like in most other forums the device is: One question/topic - one thread.

This isn't a chat for the moment, the forum is also used for solving problems by the "forum-search" and its extremely difficult to find the red line when a thread becomes larger and handles more than one topic.

Writing more topics/questions in one thread only helps the cushiness of user which don't want to read much rules before asking.

So read forum-rules in one forum, apply this rules in all other forums and you'll never get criticism.

How to

Posted: 10.12.2009, 12:11
by GRINteage
Maybe theres a way to do this already but its not intuitive, to me anyhow. I finish a fileset... 1 track fails md5... It is not shared... It doesnt stay in partials... I cant find it when I search... I want to delete the file that failed and resume without having to find the fileset in search. How do I do that??