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key shortcut to show hidden files

Posted: 01.04.2009, 16:44
by Xgamer
at first FreeCommander is great file manager.
So I think that very good would be key shortcut for show and again hide hidden files for example : ctrl + H or something else because now I have to always go trough options --> show hidden files , and it isn't efective. I
hope that you'll understand what I mean:)

Posted: 01.04.2009, 18:57
by Marek
1. Go to Extras->Define shortcuts
2. Find 'View - Show/hide hidden and system files' and define a shortcut

Posted: 02.04.2009, 14:31
by Xgamer
Thx I don't see it before:) And great work:)

Posted: 05.04.2009, 00:51
by Dreamer