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Inclomplete handling of configured archive files as a ZIP

Posted: 26.02.2009, 14:42
by sslavic
FreeCommander 2008.06c supports configuring archive file extensions to be treated as ZIP files. In my configuration following is the value of this setting: ".ZIP.JAR.EAR.WAR.".

I've noticed that there is one scenario where JAR files are being handled differently than ZIP files. E.g. when one opens existing JAR archive and tries to update a file that is placed within a folder within archive, with a file from outside archive by copying file from one pane/tab to the tab where JAR file and it's folder is opened, file being copied ends up within root of JAR file instead within specified folder in JAR file.

When doing same scenario but with ZIP file, it works well, file ends up at desired location.

Posted: 27.02.2009, 22:55
by Marek
It works well for me in the current version 2009.02.

Posted: 01.03.2009, 17:55
by sslavic
Confirmed, works well in 2009.02.