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Quick Filter: Enable, Disable. Add Clear

Posted: 21.02.2009, 00:42
by stanley.tweedle
First of all, thank you for the extraordinary amount of work which has quite obviously gone into the refinement of FreeCommander. I have become so wont to using it, I always feel lost on other systems w/ std file mgrs-- without the features, so intuitively realized in FC. (I probably said this before, but I bought Power Desk, and i was sorry for spending the money shortly after. Sorry-- for not adding those funds to my FreeCommander donations, of course)

Now, on to specifics...

The QuickFilter is a really convenient feature-- rather, a necessity really-- and I'm sure I'd use it more often than I do if it had a "Clear" button to complement the existing Enable / Disable buttons (to ready the field for a new entry, when the field contains spaces, which make it difficult to triple-click / select all). I believe this would improve the FreeCommander user's productivity, however slight, remarkable nevertheless!

thanks again for the benevolent gift of FreeCommander!

Posted: 21.02.2009, 01:21
by Dreamer
In the new version there will be just one filter button to enable/disable quick filter, so perhaps "disable" should also select all.

There is a workaround though, just press Ctrl+Y to enable/disable quick filter anytime, this shortcut is working the same as I suggest also for the new quick filter toggle button, so: enable quick filter > disable quick filter and select all. You have to use a keyborad one way or another, so this shortcut might be enough - and remember, you can change any shortcut (menu > Extras > Keyboard shortcuts).

much better now! -- even more "Intuitive" :-)

Posted: 21.05.2009, 18:28
by stanley.tweedle
My apologies for the delay in this reply.

I want to let you know: the feature-- the way it was changed, per the description above, with one button, etc-- absolutely FIXED my issue.

Why? because now, upon right-click (i.e. alt-mouse, for lefty's), the option to "clear" exists. it's even better than my suggestions, because it "kills two birds with one stone"!

How is it more efficient? because, right clicking into the quick-filter text-box does the following:
1.) clear any existing text
2.) [by default, from action 1] the text-box now in focus, for typing a new filter

Had my suggestion been implemented, the 2 functions in one, explained directly above, would have remained-- but required 2 physical actions as well. As it stands, the functionality is more-- to quote my #1 loathed buzzword-- more intuitive... hehe...

Posted: 22.05.2009, 00:31
by Dreamer
OK, so the topic can be closed now... :)

Posted: 11.08.2009, 22:22
by stanley.tweedle
yes, Dreamer, i believe it is appropriate to close this topic if you wish. again, sorry for late replies.

(was going to "tag-on to the bottom" of this, a new comment, but posting new topic instead...)