Beta 394 - Access Violation Error with Viewing Window Open

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Bearded Kirklander
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Beta 394 - Access Violation Error with Viewing Window Open

#1 Post by Bearded Kirklander » 25.12.2008, 18:52

I'm using Beta 394 with Windows XP Pro SP2 32 bit.

If I have the viewer window open (activated with F3 when over a graphics file in one of the panes) and close the Free Commander application (clicking the X icon at the upper-right corner of the application window), the program provides a dialog with an error code:

Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000.

On the left side of the small dialog, it displays a circle with a big white X in the middle of it and there is an OK button centered in the middle horizontally but close to the bottom third of the dialog vertically.

When this happens, it seems that any changes I made and did a "Save Settings", those changes are lost.

If you need more information, please let me know.

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#2 Post by matera » 27.12.2008, 04:50

Yes, it does all that, with multiple instances of the typical big-X error message unless I choose "debug" on a more polite one ("close" makes a few more uglies). I tried it several times. Same version of fc/windoze (except I never have an Explorer shell).

Interesting about the loss of changes. Apparently when the viewer is left open, the window closure becomes a normal crash (pardon my oxymoronic humor).

Bearded Kirklander
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#3 Post by Bearded Kirklander » 29.12.2008, 22:44

Bug seems fixed in v396.

Are there any other changes between v394 and v396?

What happened to v395?

Is there a specific, detailed changelog between v394 and v396?

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