List of known feature requests

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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List of known feature requests

#1 Post by Dreamer » 27.09.2007, 23:13

All feature requests have been re-posted, this topic will be closed soon, no need to read this topic from now on - but please always use the search before posting a new request! Thanks.

This is a temporary list of some known feature requests. Each request will be re-posted in the forum individually (by me), to ensure a possibility to discuss the request equally. If you like some of these requests, please wait until it will be (re)posted as a new topic and then support it, or add your comment(s) / improvements(s). Thanks.

Note: Requests which have been re-posted as a new topic will be maked with asterisk (*)

* Batch rename, the same as in XnView or ACDSee, select files, press F2, dialog is shown...

* Option "replace [ X ] with [ Y ]" - replace original file/folder name (X) with a new name (Y)

* show quick view on the same pane, on the right, at the top, or at the bottom - there are 2 possibilities - 4 panes (2x file list, 2x quick view), or 3 panes (just 1 quick view for actual file list)

* this is an alternative to previous request - keep the viewer opened while browsing the file list and update viewer every time the focus in main fC window is changed

* Copy/Move files and pack/unpach archives dialog suggestions:
1. Always leave the main FC window active, copy in background
2. Always move dialog window at the edge (away from FC in window mode), or better - save a position of a dialog window
3. Always show the overall progress in % and overall remaining time
4. Add minimize button to dialog to minimize the dialog
5. Option to disable dialog completely and show the overall progress in the status bar, or separate "copy" bar (% and remaining time, file name as tooltip)
6. In the title bar could be copy info too (as option perhaps) - example: [24% 3 min. remaining - The Matrix.avi] (% and time should be overal)
7. Add "pause" also to all dialogs

* Highlight all / Find all (from OpenOffice/Thunderbird) button to highlight/select all found words in Viewer
+ I use a dark background, so perhaps a custom color for it might be needed (or at least don't use dark background colors as dark blue/black for highlight)
+ highlight as in Avant Browser would be even better, if I select few words there, all words are highlighted with different colors, it's very useful

* Add the button(s) to address bar, the same as copy, root, up buttons on the right, just to the left
+ Option to disable "drives bar" completely
+ Perhaps add also free disk space to address bar
E.g.: [ ] C:\Program Files\... 11.93GB [/] [..]

* custom tools/folders bar - already implemented, so here are few suggestions to make it even better...
+ smart drag - option to drag the exe files and folders to add to toolbar and other files to open in the selected program
+ ...or/and left button drag to open in selected program and right button drag, or/and ctrl+left button to drag to add to the toolbar
+ ability to drag/move items in "Define fav. tools" dialog by a mouse or/and by keyboard shortcuts, e.g. ctrl+up / ctrl+down + multiple lines for favorite tools bar - it would be useful for large icons, categories, folders, window mode...
+ when dragging to fav. bar, remove extension from name, e.g. Foxit Reader instead of "Foxit Reader.exe", removing ".exe" from each item manually is quite annoying
+ option/button to sort items by name in "Define fav. tools" dialog

* skins support, or themes for tool bar and splitter

* Universal (Un)Pack button - for splitter and main toolbar (pack for files/folders, unpack for archives only) - with the following sub-options:

+ For pack:
- Add to <file name>.zip
- Add to <file name>.zip - to other pane
- Add to archive file (to open pack dialog)

+ For uppack
- Extract here
- Extract here - to other pane
- Extract here, to <archive name>
- Extract here, to <archive name> - to other pane
- Extract to... (to open unpack dialog)
- Open archive (in default archive program)

+ Option in Settings - to select default action for the main button (for both, pack and unpack), so e.g. "Add to <file name>.zip" for pack and "Extract here" for unpack - or any of above.

+ Explanation: [ [(un)pack]* | [v]** ]
* = main universal (un)pack button
** = sub-button ti show menu of sub-options - listed above

* Check the available disk space when copying / moving file(s) and show the warning dialog if there's not enough free disk space for the file(s) with the buttons to continue and cancel the operation.

* Large main toolbar buttons, or/and semi-large buttons, for main toolbar and for the new custom tools/folders bar

* support for 7-Zip, lzh and other non-supported archives

* [x] Play sound after copy/move/pack/unpack (standard Win sound)
+ [x] Play sound only if the operation is longer than [xx] sec.

* When the last file in the first row in Icons or Images view mode is focused, go to the first file in the second row when I press right arrow - the same behavior as in XnView

* Undo delete - restore last deleted item(s) - toolbar button, menu item and keyboard shortcut (customizable)

* move replaced items to recycle bin - when moving/copying items and the folder/file already exist, when user choose "replace", first move original file to recycle bin and then move/copy the new files, since there is no way to restore replaced files, very annoying and danger Windows behavior

* Custom mouse shortcuts - ability to use also mouse shortcuts not just keyboard for each action, e.g. right button + left, right + wheel...

* "Address bar editable" feature might be editable also by right click context menu item

* When using Drives as bar, show a drop-down menu with disk names, the same as for Combo box, or/and change disk also by up/down, not just left/right (up=left, down=right)

* Tabs - "undo close" - re-open last closed tab

* [..] item also for root disk dir., same as in 7-Zip.

* registry editor (as in Salamander)

* "Change case" - when I select/mark checkbox for "change by comparsion" or "change by definition", this option could be saved, so next time I open "Change case" there would be no need to select it again and again, I'm using always the same options, so there would be no need to use mouse at all

* in "thumbnails" view (image browser) non-image files cannot be shown, option to show also non-image file would be nice

* custom background color for Folder path - Inactive panel (or the same as active panel)

* Add "Select all" (files and folders) to context menu when right clicking the empty area of the file list, perhaps also another item Select with subitems like select files, select files with same extension, unselect all, but "Select all" should be the main item, without submenus - like in text editors, or IE...

* Search dialog - add "Select all" (files/folders) to context menu and add also a shortcut Ctrl+A

* Change case - add option "Partially mixed case" (name mixed, extension lower), e.g. old name "aaaa BBBB.EXE" - new name "Aaaa Bbbb.exe"

* add mouse shortcuts to internal viewer - wheel (up/down) to switch to previous/next file/image in folder

* add mouse shortcuts to internal image viewer - right button+wheel (up/down) or/and left button+wheel (up/down) to zoom image

* when I try to rename file and this filename already exists, error dialog is shown, with 1 button "OK", I suggest another dialog "Filename already exists. Do you want to overwrite this file?" with 3 buttons - Yes, No, Cancel

* image browser view - use transparent background for images / thumbnails, now there is ugly white strip(s) on dark backgrounds - or use the same background as main background - or at least add option to choose background for thumbnails manually

* single toolbar button and shortcut for "next view" / toggle between all views (list/details/thumbnails...) - button might be similar to Back/forward, like this [ (A) [v] ] - A=main button to switch between all views, "v"=drop-down manu with the list of all views, like the current View button

* lock "buttons toolbar" option, same as "Lock the toolbars" in Explorer (My computer) context menu, it would look much better

* select items (files and folders) with mouse also if option "Select files in NC-mode" is enabled

* FTP client

* Support of WCX-plug-ins

* Option to show file size also in MB - It's needed sometimes to see the file size in MB, e.g. Nero shows DVD size in MB.

* Option to quickly change the size unit (B/KB/MB/GB/Auto) in the status bar by a left click, or/and show the menu with the list of units by a right click.

* Find similar files - menu item, toolbar button and keyboard shortcut for new Find similar files feature. At the top would be directories (current by default, but changeable) and button to start Compare. Now it would be similar to compare in image viewers (e.g. XnView) - large dialog with 2 viewer windows, but with ability to use plugins and standard viewer features it would be possible to compare also txt, nfo, mp3 files...
There should be also size - auto (KB/MB/GB) and in bytes and following buttons:
[Replace] [Skip] [Delete original (left)] [Replace all] [Skip all] [Cancel]

* Replace - Instead of standard Confirm File Replace dialog when copied/moved file with the same name is existing, show the same dialog as above - for Compare files, but when any button would be pressed, close the dialog instead of switch to next file.

* Status bar with more information about file would be useful for Viewer, perhaps also for info about multimedia files (as requested before - size, length, bitrate, id3tag...)

* add new single custom shortcut "Zoom" to toggle between "View 100%" and "View 50%"

* Minor - Desktop icon should have also small black arrow, since it opens a menu, as start menu, control panel and other

* Minor - Small green and pink fC icons are used in "alt+tab" dialog, they are enlarged and it doesn't look good

* Directory permissions option (from Altap Salamander) and sub-options "Replace permissions on subdirectories / existing files - to refresh permission when I add some folders/files there

* when I move / copy file(s) with Ctrl+X/C/V or e.g. pack file(s) and new file is created, focus could be moved to this file, same as in explorer

* multi instances for Search

* add PNG format for "Desktop snapshot/picture", it's the best format for screenshots

* show thumbnail also for videos and create 4 or 5 thumbnails, from e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40 (and 50)% of the video and show these thumbnails in fC image viewer

* add "Active window" to "Desktop snapshot/picture" > Area

* add color "selected and focused item" under NC-mode > colors

* Show confirmation dialog on exit (to prevent accidental close)

* Toolbar buttons in Search dialog - display (in active window), open, view, edit, select all, cut, copy, delete, properties.


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