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Show free space of the current disc

Posted: 07.12.2008, 19:33
by xkarel
In Servant/Altap Salamander there is possible to see a free space of the current disc at the top of the file list.

I'd like to have this in Free Commander too.
J. Karel

Posted: 07.12.2008, 21:32
by ralfso
Can you see the free space of the current disc at the bottom of each pane in the statusbar?

Posted: 08.12.2008, 05:43
by Bearded Kirklander
I see it on the status bar on beta 394.

What isn't there is a "Total Bytes" feature when nothing is selected.

If you select something, it will show you the total of those selected items, but it does not show you what the overall size of all the files in the folder are, regardless of selection.

I may need to add that as a feature request, I think.

Posted: 08.12.2008, 19:39
by xkarel
Well, you are right, I did not noticed... Maybe on the top it would be be better.

Posted: 08.12.2008, 23:00
by Dreamer
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