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Mouse support

Posted: 15.11.2008, 12:17
by DrTeeth
I'd like to see support for the extra buttons that lots of mice have these days. I use them for 'forward' and 'back' in windows explorer and browsers and REALLY miss their presence in FC.



Posted: 15.11.2008, 15:36
by ralfso
What's about a forum search for "forward AND mouse"?

You can find this ... ward+mouse
or that ... ward+mouse

So wait for the next release or donate and get the current beta version.
I know, donation is a little bit complicated at the moment, but i think Marek has a solution for that (search the forum).

Posted: 15.11.2008, 16:07
by DrTeeth
[q]What's about a forum search for "forward AND mouse"? [/q]

Sorry, bad habit of mine, not searching, that is :oops: .

Posted: 16.11.2008, 00:42
by Dreamer