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When in Root Folder, pressing Backspace Should Go Up also

Posted: 22.08.2008, 01:14
by Bearded Kirklander
When I'm deep down and nested in some folders, and I want to back out to the root folder of the drive, I press BACKSPACE repeatedly and that works out great.

However, it would be even better if while in the root folder of a drive, you could hit BACKSPACE one more time so you can do one of the following:

BACKSPACE causes the file pane to list contents from MY COMPUTER


BACKSPACE causes the file pane to go up to the "Drive Bar" which simply duplicates what is in the drive bar which is just below the menu system.

Would be cool if I could pop up there to the drive bar, use the left/right arrow keys and press ENTER to go to the root folder of the drive that was selected when ENTER was pressed.

Thank you

Posted: 22.08.2008, 22:46
by FLiER
Hmm, possibly good feature. I support this.

Posted: 23.08.2008, 00:45
by Dreamer
Hmm.. didn't you already suggest the same here?? :o

Posted: 23.08.2008, 04:40
by Bearded Kirklander
Dreamer wrote:Hmm.. didn't you already suggest the same here?? :o
I'm sorry. I really am kind of hammered mentally with the meds I take for allergies and other stuff.

I'm afraid I do often repeat myself.

Hopefully when allergy season ends, I can be more mentally sharp.

Thank you for your patience. I really do want Free Commander to continue to improve, so I hope I don't wear out my welcome here.

Again, thanks

Posted: 23.08.2008, 22:43
by Dreamer
No problem, closing this one.