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Favorite Toolbars - Bug when reconfiguring

Posted: 09.08.2008, 17:18
by DG
Favorte Toolbars do not display changes the first time they're edited. Here's the sequence:

1. Edit Favorite Toolbars
2. Make changes (add entries, rearrange items among categories, rearrange categories, etc.)
3. Click Ok to save
4. FC refreshes the toolbar, but the changes don't appear.

I find I have to edit the toolbar one or two times, without making changes this time, and save before FC displays the new configuration.

FC version 2009.1.0.366
OS Windows Vista, 6.0.6001, Service Pack 1


Posted: 09.08.2008, 19:20
by FrizzleFry
I have noticed this as well in 2008.06a.

Posted: 10.08.2008, 01:01
by Dreamer
Confirmed, perhaps related to another (known) toolbar issue, perhaps not a bug, because it works after FC restart (while "auto save settings" option is enabled).

Windows Vista SP1.

Posted: 11.08.2008, 22:36
by Marek
It should be fixed in the current 368 beta.

Posted: 12.08.2008, 00:08
by Dreamer
Looks fixed.