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Media player

#1 Post by mcleaver » 08.08.2008, 23:50

My (Samsung U3) media player shows up under Windows Explorer, but not in Free Commander. How does one access a drive like this? FC would be ideal for copying to and from the media player.

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#2 Post by lamarquise » 19.05.2009, 02:39

I want to second this, unless I just don't understand how to do it, my ZEN and SONY mp3 media players do not show in FC, but do in win explorer.
I would love to use FC instead of explorer to drag and drop files to them.
Thank you

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#3 Post by Dreamer » 20.05.2009, 00:33

Please add your support here:

MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Support


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#4 Post by eakinasila » 30.11.2009, 01:58

thank you for the support

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