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tab name not updating

#1 Post by kerbz » 28.05.2020, 04:03

I reported this bug back in February 2019 in the thread: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=9282

Well, for the last several months now I have kept updated with using the latest x64 donor versions (currently 819), and I still constantly - that means *all day every day* - experience this bug.

I commonly have 5 tabs open in the left pane, and maybe 10 in the right pane. In the right pane I navigate in an existing tab to the folder an item should go, then move an item from the left pane to the right pane (using the red move button between the panes), and then I double-click "..." folder to go back up a level or two or I click on the button to go up a level or however many, or I click on a favorite folder to return to, and, after doing so, the name on the tab does not update to the new folder. The pane shows the correct folder and its contents, but the name on the tab is still showing the old folder.

Unfortunately, I am not able to give more steps than above to help identify or reproduce the bug, but, again, this bug has persisted for well over a year, not just in the public versions but still exists in donor x64 819 (which is what I am using today on Win 10 x64 v1903)

Thanks, and feel free to contact me for more info or with instructions on how to retrieve information that may be helpful in squashing this long-lasting bug! cheers 8)

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Re: tab name not updating

#2 Post by Karol » 28.05.2020, 08:23

Open the Tab properties and check if the "Tab name" field is empty.

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Re: tab name not updating

#3 Post by kerbz » 29.05.2020, 21:18

Yes, when I go up one level and the tab does not update, and I get properties on the tab, the "Tab name" field is blank.

What I do to fix/update the tab is then navigate into a new folder and then back out (usually by double clicking a folder in the pane and then double clicking the ".." folder to go back up (then the tab updates with the correct name of the folder being viewed in the pane.

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Re: tab name not updating

#4 Post by kerbz » 29.05.2020, 21:25

Again, the name of the tab fails to update to the currently viewed folder in the tab when I am viewing a folder, copy or move a file into it, and then either choose a favorite to return to, or if I click on the folder I want to go to in the path location at the top of the file list and just underneath the tabs.

The second folder change I do, it will then update and fix.

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Re: tab name not updating

#5 Post by Marek » 29.05.2020, 21:47

Can you reproduce it with default settings?

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Re: tab name not updating

#6 Post by kerbz » 31.05.2020, 03:27

Okay, so I completely uninstalled FreeCommander and then manually deleted the AppData folder within my user folder, then reinstalled donor 820

Launched FreeCommander and proceeded to make the following interface modifications:

changed both pane views to "details"
repositioned Size Auto column to be on the right side of Modified date
removed display of columns Attributes and Type
Then went into settings and made the few changes outlined down below in the Settings section of this post.
Then, I opened up the tabs that I like to always have open, listed as follows, and then closed FreeCommander and then reopened it to make sure it reloaded my open tabs as expected, which it did.
6 tabs on the left side (desktop, downloads, documents, onedrive, a folder inside documents, videos)
7 tabs on the right side (folder inside onedrive, folder inside Public Onedrive folder, folder inside onedrive, folder inside previous folder, onedrive, onedrive, onedrive)
THEN, I had a file (jpg screenshot) on my desktop (currently shown as the first tab on the left side pane) to file away, and it needed to be moved into a folder that was directly inside the folder on the right-pane's tab 3 (from the left). I clicked on tab 3 to make it the active pane view, double clicked on the folder within to navigate inside, then moved the screenshot from the desktop in the left pane into the folder shown in the right pane using the center toolbar red button, then clicked the ".." folder to go back up to the tab's original folder (could have also clicked the path or clicked on a favorite and the same result happens). Now, the right pane listed contents did update to the correct folder, but the name of the tab did not update. The name of the tab updated when I renamed a folder inside the pane, or does update if I make 1 more folder change.

Retesting/reperforming the above steps – moving a file into or out of a folder in the opposite pane and then navigating away from the folder the file went into our out of - it will do it every time.

Thanks for looking into this!

general: all left default
start program: all left default
shell menu: all left default
programs: all left default
compare folders: all left default
file/folder operations:
General: all left default
Rename/Create: date format to yyyy-mm-dd and timestamp to yyyy-mm-dd hh-nn-ss
drag&drop: all left default
operations queue: all left default
quick search/quick filter and Quick starter: all left default
Select Items: General & NC-Mode: all left default
Archiver plugins: all left default
Network: all left default
FTP: all left default
View: all left default
Address bar: General & Color/Font: all left default
File/folder list: General: timestamp format hh:nn:ss
File/folder list: Icons: all left default
File/folder list: Refresh: all left default
File/folder list: Color: all left default
File/folder list: Items color: all left default
File/folder list: Sorting: all left default
Folder Tabs: Tab General: all left default
Folder Tabs: Tab Management: uncheck Close all not locked tabs when the program ends
Folder Tabs: File Container Tab: all left default
Folder Tabs: Tab Colors: all left default
Column profiles/Automatic views: Column Profiles & Auto Selectable views: all left default
Tree: General: all left default
Tree: Management: all left default
Tree:Color/Font/Icons: all left default
Tree:Excluded Items: all left default
Viewer: all left default
Status Bar: all left default
DOS Prompt: disable "Show Command Line"
Functions Bar: all left default
Thumbnails: all left default
Drives: General: all left default
Drives: Select drive: all left default

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Re: tab name not updating

#7 Post by kerbz » 14.06.2020, 19:59

This morning I updated to donor 822 x64 and this tab-not-updating bug appears to have been fixed!

So awesome, what a huge relief not to have to deal with that anymore.... thank you so much!!! cheers! 8) :mrgreen:

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