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md5-creation not with filename with ..

Posted: 12.07.2008, 15:20
by johanponken
I tried to make an md5 for a file named

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If... (1968).avi
by ctrl-K, and by menu. The md5-popup didn't show.
I renamed to

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If.. (1968).avi
same, but

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If. (1968).avi
Did this with old 2007-10a, and the new 2008.06 (yes! new version! thanks! :D ), with 2008.06 also with /N / etc (couldn't make a shortcut, but i opened a cmd).
Vista-SP1, NTFS.

Posted: 12.07.2008, 21:22
by Marek
Thanks - fixed.

Posted: 06.08.2008, 01:10
by Dreamer
Fixed in the latest version.