FreeCommander 2007.05

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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FreeCommander 2007.05

#1 Post by Dreamer » 25.08.2007, 16:25

The latest version is available on the FreeCommander Downloads page.

FreeCommander 2007.05

• New symbols for the splitter: Favorite tools, Edit, View
• Settings dialog
- General: Process close as minimize (active if 'Minimize to system tray' checked)
- Auto save settings
- Confirmations: Show popup menu for left button drop

• Menu item: Save settings
• Loading/Storing of ini file improved
• Splitter position stored as percent of window size now
• "Make Folder List..." window: settings are saved.
• Support for "ClearType" fonts (you can disable this with UseDesktopFont=0)
• Quick view Ctrl+Q
• View images - improved
• Better performance for connect via VPN or NetDrive
• The internal viewer - renewed:
- no limit for file size for Views: text, binary, hex
- new views: rtf, unicode, media, internet
- interface for WLX plugins

• Settings dialog - new option 'Show two bars' for drives
• Command line parameters are passed to the first instance (if 'Only one instance' is active)
• Ctrl+I now is functioning as a switch
• New Options for image browser (spacing, optimization)
• Copy current dir to clipboard - new address bar button
• Folder tabs
• Right mouse click on hot folder in address bar shows popup menu with subfolders
• Quick filter (Ctrl+Y, Alt+Y)

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