BUG 802 - Hard crash on folder search with super long path.

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BUG 802 - Hard crash on folder search with super long path.

#1 Post by stephen147 » 01.10.2019, 12:19

Edit: This must be a windows issue as it's crashing file explorer.
Although a fresh build of FC doesn't crash.
I'll leave this here anyway if Marek can reproduce this.


I've tested this on a fresh build and it's not happening but in my current portable build, it's hard crashing when I do a search.

Steps to reproduce:
1. the path of the folder is: W:\SS_JOBS\xxxxxxxx - xxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx\Scene Examples\Interior 01\Modelle\CGConnected\Paper_Bags_with_French_Baguettes_and_S_Pellegrino_Bottles_maxfiles\Paper_Bags_with_French_Baguettes_and_S_Pellegrino_Bottles_maps
2. I'm searching for a file within that folder with a keyword "bag".
3. When I search that and then open the folder with the spacebar or click that in the search UI it immediately crashes when I go back to the main FC UI.

Here is a gif of the crash:

Here are the properties of that folder (notice the weird string before the folder path):
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