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Galaxy Note8

Posted: 01.06.2019, 05:49
by Offtoplay
My Note8 does not show up in 798. The whole reason for me to switch and get up to speed from Power Desk 9.
PLEASE say this is not a NO GO!!! It is huge to just plug in your phone and transfer pictures, videos, recordings, etc.

Re: Galaxy Note8 - Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)

Posted: 03.06.2019, 10:43
by LWillms
I guess this means that this Galaxy 8 does not support the USB mass storage device class, which would show the mobile device as a disk drive on a Windows computer, but only the PTP, the Picture Transfer Protocol PTP.

The Galaxy would then appear in the Windows "Printers and devices" (my retranslation from German) group, where you then can then open it and browse the storage in the device itself and the SD-card. No drive letter, though. It's not very comfortable, methinks.

Question to Marek: would it be possible to include a, say, driver for PTP which makes the device look like a disk inside FreeCommander, similar to FTP devices?

Re: Galaxy Note8

Posted: 03.06.2019, 10:56
by ralfso
If it is the problem with wrong transfer protokol you can change it on your phone: ... ions_on_my